Welcome to Mind Based Therapy


Hello and a huge warm welcome to this space! As we embark on this journey together, the intention is to share and spread Wellbeing, to live to our highest potential and then some more!

At MBT , I endeavour to share empowering tools about how we can overcome our blocks, keep releasing fears and resistance that unknowingly stops us in our path. To enable and empower as many of us who decide it’s time to make the shift.

Before we begin, it is worth expressing my immense gratitude to this universe for allowing MBT to blossom.

This space developed from an urge to go deeper within pain and suffering which I felt in my journey through life and of those who I had the good fortune to meet in my role as a clinician.

I noticed that ‘dis-ease’ or any medical diagnosis somehow had such power over individuals, that they very quickly adopted this new identity of a ‘sufferer’ with such fervour that it was almost impossible to shake it away from them. I saw loyalty to suffering and deep identification with pain.

And then to my immense wonder and relief, I witnessed something quite the opposite!

The same diagnosis , of equal severity and at times with even worse symptoms and prognosis led to starkly different response. One of allowing but not identifying with suffering and pain. There was an attitude of acceptance. Not a passive acceptance but one charged with the energy of embracing the present moment with grace and resilience.

This perception somehow seemed to empower them, and inspire me to look at what I could offer beyond prescriptions and routine treatment.

Pain whether physical or emotional has a very captivating power, almost as if it hypnotises someone into submission and keeps them stuck. I started looking for options to break this trance , this belief in one’s identity as a victim or a sufferer.

My own quest led me to go inwards , spending time in silence, going through meditation retreats, camping in mountains and just allowing life to happen as I was guided to broaden my learning. As time passed and awareness matured it organically led to the inception of Mind based therapy- A space which offers thorough tools to empower and enable you to release and move beyond limitations.

I invite you to grace this space with your presence and all I ask for is an open mind. True science is not in rejection but in opening up with curiosity and wonder to the unknown!