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I was introduced to Nupur following an illness which had left my self confidence in a very bad place. I felt I was unable to move forward in my personal or working life. Nupur explained how we could work together to help restore my confidence through Hypnosis. I felt anxious and a bit sceptical at first, and then I remembered I had used Hypnosis before to give up smoking and it had been very successful as I have been a non-smoker now for 11 years. Nupur helped me by putting my mind at rest and I found it easy to relax as I do meditate to maintain a healthy mind.

We worked on various areas to build my confidence and my personal self-image and the results have been fantastic. I feel like a new person, I am now confident, strong, and enthusiastic. The best achievement is I think differently and always take the positives rather than negatives from any situation I find myself in.

I found the experience very empowering, and it has certainly given me back my life. I would highly recommend Nupur to anyone who needs help to improve any aspect of their life with regards to building confidence, self-image and motivation.

Thank you Nupur it is very much appreciated. - MR

I have met Nupur for relief from my severe symptoms following Chemo radiography of my T2 N1 tonsil Cancer. I also have  pre cancerous polyps of the colon and multi-system sarcoidosis in many organs and skin. Initially I was very sceptical about this lady and what she could offer. And new age medicine.But decided to give it a go.I am glad that I did. This lady has the ability to search deeper into you revealing many insights to your psyche which help you. The pain control she teaches is amazing and works even on a sceptic like me. I have personally recommended her to friends to use via their Health Trusts or privately from all ailments from diabetes to ingrowing toenail, her services.

I am honoured and pleased and grateful to have been treated by this lady and to have met her. - BQ

ML a 63 year old lady was referred by a dietitian as she had difficulty in eating since her Radiotherapy. ML described she had lost her interest in eating and her appetite had gone down significantly. She had no taste for food and found most food textures difficult to eat. She also had gone off water since her Radiotherapy and hadn’t had plain drinking water in 5yrs! Only after the first session ML showed some remarkable progress. She reported to have had 2 meals on most days in the week following the first session. Her appetite increased and she could taste food better. To her great surprise and relief she started having a glass of water everyday, just before bedtime! By 3rd session her progress was significant! She was now able to have 2 glasses of water everyday and was able to get over the “yuck” feeling she had every time she looked at a glass of water! She also reported significant increase in her appetite and that she actually felt hungry and had urge to eat something, she hadn’t felt hungry or the urge to eat in a very long time!

She reported that every time she had a session, she wanted to eat! She was very happy with her progress in the short span of 3 sessions and was determined to stay with these positive changes and practice the tips and techniques taught to her during the sessions!  - ML

Nupur is a very competent, instinctive and calming therapist. I reached out to Nupur when I was having sleep problems. I had trouble falling asleep and when I finally did, I had so many dreams that I never felt rested in the morning. Nupur spent a lot of time listening to me and asking questions, after which she recommended hypnosis and guided meditation. I had never tried hypnosis and was nervous about trying it. Nupur heard my concerns and answered every question I had with patience and understanding, which put me at ease. After only few sessions of hypnosis and guided meditation, I'm able to fall asleep easily and sleep better. I am thankful to Nupur for all her support and help. - Anonymous

Anna approached me to seek help for her mother who suffered from long standing claustrophobia. They were planning to travel overseas, for a family trip and wanted help related to claustrophobia so that they could enjoy the trip. 

In Anna's words, "Many hotels in Japan don't have staircase facilities and in fact most even have their reception on the 10th floor! This was a problem for my mother as she felt claustrophobic in lifts. Although, the hotel staff are very helpful and offered to escort her in the lift, she would still feel nervous. Before making the trip to Japan, my mother took hypnosis sessions with Nupur. The results were quite amazing! After one (nervous) trip in the lift - the first after around 12 years, she was able to go in the lift all by herself, without the staff member. Most people in our travel group could not even make out that my mother has problems with claustrophobia. She even went on the underground and on the train by herself, which she would never have done before. 

She didn't go to the viewing tower on the 50th floor in Tokyo, but I think that was more because she didn't want to rather than being unable to. She really does attribute the change to her hypnosis with Nupur! We had a fantastic trip! - Anna W

It's all in the mind as they say. Nupur helped me control my mind and made me believe that I was in the driver's seat and things would happen the way I choose for them to happen. I was very anxious and scared before my second delivery as my first delivery had been a long drawn and painful process. Nupur gave me the confidence that the second delivery could be different and I could control the outcome including the level of pain. A combination of hypnosis and other soothing techniques ensured that I entered labour in a happier and more confident state of mind and ended up with a pain-relief free delivery. I can't thank Nupur enough for making this a truly wonderful experience. - Amrita

Nupur has a real gift ... she blends her knowledge of mind, body and soul to develop a unique therapeutic experience. I went to Nupur at a time when I was both physically and mentally drained. She helped me find inner peace and made me realise that all the power we need is already within us. We just need the right guidance and tools to use that power for a healthier and contented life. I am so grateful to Nupur for giving me that guidance. - Sundeep