Stress & Anxiety

Stress and Anxiety often confused to be the same , are in fact, quite distinct from each other. With stress we know what is worrying us, but with anxiety we become less aware of what the anxiety is about (in the moment) and the reaction often becomes the problem.

With stress, the causative factor is known, we know what we are dealing with - project deadline, delivering a presentation etc. Anxiety, however, comes from a place of fear, unease and worry. Chronic anxiety often outlives its triggering factors leading to panic attacks.

Why should you get Help for Anxiety

Chronic Stress and Anxiety with concomitant activation of HPA (Hypothalamic- Pituitary- Adrenal Axis) has been linked to hypertension, cardiac disease, peptic ulceration, type 2 diabetes, dental problems, asthma and many more conditions. In pregnancy, high levels of stress and anxiety are known to cause adverse effects on the developing baby and maternal health. 

Signs and Symptoms illustrative of Stress and Anxiety are:


  • Palpitations
  • Dry mouth
  • Indigestion
  • Hyperventialltion
  • Dizziness/shaking


  • Mood Swings
  • Difficulty in making decisions
  • Increased Irritability
  • Feeling of doom
  • Not feeling in control


  • Procrastination
  • Insomnia and tiredness
  • Clumsiness & accidents
  • Increasing mistakes
  • Addictive behaviour (alcohol,food & tobacco)

Hypnosis for Stress and Anxiety

The success rate of overcoming stress and anxiety with hypnotherapy is very good. One of the key factors in any anxiety state is the use of imagination to paint negative scenarios. This ability to imagine is utilised therapeutically to control anxiety symptoms under hypnosis. 

Using deep relaxation, imagination and various cognitive restructuring tools, the triggers to stress and anxiety are explored and approached under hypnosis . Therapy progresses by empowering the person to employ the learnt tools and techniques gradually to real life, often previously threatening, situations.