Hypnotherapy for Eating disorders

Anorexia nervosa, Bulimia and Binge eating disorder

Eating disorders, can be considered a serious form of self-harm. The destructive behaviour seen in Anorexia nervosa and Bulimia can be triggered, or exacerbated, by psychological stressors and is directly related to a sense of fear and control.

The fear is related to perceived inadequacy of one’s physical form or appearance, and the sense of control is often related to an underlying need for the individual to establish and (secretly) maintain control over a specific aspect of their lives. Sufferers tend to have low confidence and a very low belief in their own worth and abilities, which can significantly affect treatment. 

Anxiety states and other emotional problems are often found intimately associated with eating disorders. Often people who are overweight or obese are found to deal with stress and anxiety by resorting to comfort eating or by eating large amounts of food in a short time. Sugar addiction often co-exists along with other underlying factors contributing to one being overweight or obese. 

Hypnotherapy and Mindfulness aim at resolving deep seated emotional and behavioural patterns. Some of what the Hypnotherapy and Mindfulness programme for eating disorders entails is:

  • Keeping a journal or food diary to become aware of food habits
  • Becoming Aware of the emotions around eating behaviour 
  • Exploring beliefs and thought patterns related to body image and food
  • Therapeutic interventions where mindfulness and hypnotherapy come together to achieve promising results. 

Like everything else, hypnotherapy for weight management is based on your motivation and best results are achieved by setting realistic goals and through a fully committed and trusting partnership.