Dental Issues

Hypnodontics is the use of Hypnosis in dentistry.

Hypnosis is a vital tool to assist patients undergoing Dental treatment and procedures in the following ways:

- Managing  Fear/Phobia and Anxiety related to Dental procedures.
- Eliminating Bruxism or the unconscious clenching and grinding of teeth.
- Managing Needle Phobia.
- Managing Gag reflex.
- Xerostomia management.
- Managing post operative bleeding and swelling.
- Pain management or Hypno-analgesia.
- Symptom management in  the following conditions:

          - Burning Mouth syndrome.
          - Trigeminal Neuralgia.
          - Atypical Orofacial pain.

- Improving compliance with dental procedures and oral care.
- In cases of Recurrent oral ulcerations caused by stress , hypnosis can play a vital role in dealing with the stressors.
- Providing Hypno Anesthesia to patients keen to avoid usual anaesthetics.
- Providing support to Patients diagnosed with Oral cancer.