The Mind Body Synergy

Mind, body and spirit or consciousness are what create us and allow the human experience to thrive. The miracle of body and the precision with which it functions is actually quite underrated! 

Imagine when we are in a bad mood and decide today I couldn’t be bothered to breathe or too busy to make my kidneys filter! Luckily for us, our body functions non stop every millisecond, mostly without our conscious awareness or we would be long gone if it were for us to consciously manage it!

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Welcome to Mind Based Therapy


Hello and a huge warm welcome to this space! As we embark on this journey together, the intention is to share and spread Wellbeing, to live to our highest potential and then some more!

At MBT , I endeavour to share empowering tools about how we can overcome our blocks, keep releasing fears and resistance that unknowingly stops us in our path. To enable and empower as many of us who decide it’s time to make the shift.

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