Nupur Agarwal

Hi, I am Nupur. Born in India, to medical professionals, I grew up around conversations of health and illness. This influence was so strong, that I knew I would grow up to be a medical professional myself. Consequently, I specialised in Oral Medicine after a foundation degree in dentistry. For over a decade, I trained and worked in hospitals across India, and while I was pursuing this, it dawned on me that diseases do not occur in isolation and nor do their cure. There exists a vital link between what manifests at the level of the body and what goes on in the mind.

Also, based on my extensive work with oro-facial conditions such as cancer, I realised that each one of us is more than just our illness and it was shocking to see how we allow our state of illness to define our entire existence. But are we really that helpless or we are just not recognising our true potential?

The answers slowly started unraveling as I delved deeper into the world of subconscious mind and meditation. This fascinating journey for me is a never ending quest influencing me to offer therapeutic tools to establish the perfect mind- body equilibrium at Mind Based Therapy (MBT). At MBT the approach is both scientific and spiritual as in the truest sense they cannot be separated.

Based on my training in clinical hypnotherapy, along with my experience as an oral medicine clinician, I create a unique and empowering therapeutic experience. The practise of mindfulness deeply influences my therapeutic approach as I am a trained  Clinical Mindfulness Teacher.

I am based in North London, N20. Please contact me for details and we will work out a convenient way to conduct the sessions.

As way of formal education, my qualifications include:

  • Medical Diploma in Clinical Hypnosis (London College of Clinical Hypnosis;LCCH)
  • Trained as a Clinical Mindfulness Teacher
  • 8 week Mindfulness based Cognitive Therapy (NICE approved)
  • 8 week Mindfulness for Pain or Anxiety
  • Masters in Oral Medicine & Radiology (MDS,India)
  • Bachelors of Dentistry (BDS, India)


I offer Clinical Hypnotherapy to Cancer patients at St George's Hospital in South West London.

I have recently conducted a successful 8 week long Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy Course for two NHS Medical practices in North west London.

Find me at Full Circle Fund Therapies

I am an Associate Member of the British Society of Clinical Hypnosis (BSCH) and I am registered with CNHC as a hypnotherapist.